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The Value of a Custom Home

“Value is the most personal metric of design”

20' pocketing sliding glass wall
Gallery House Cabana

Set Filters. Scroll. Update Filters. Scroll. Close app. Try again tomorrow.

And so goes the average process of shopping for a house in the modern era. Endless information and inspiration often end up clouding, or worse, altering the memory of spaces you love as you tirelessly compile ideas for your home. There is no shortage of hashtags, shows, and channels to tell you what you need in order to have the perfect home. But amidst all the noise, we want to help you create a space that is tailored to you.

Our salient objective is to craft an environment for you that is worth your caring about. Site planning, spatial relationships, entry sequences, natural light, privacy, materials, sight lines, details and countless other factors influence the design process. A home that speaks to who you are at the core is worth caring about.

The idea of caring deeply about something invokes the notion of Value. Capital V. Value is the most personal metric of design. Completely subjective and interpretive, only you can know what’s Valuable to you.

So, what’s the Value of a Custom Home? In the built environment, a custom home is the opportunity to collaborate with an architect and skilled craftsmen to produce a space that is Valuable to you. These days, the phrase “custom home” has been so abused that we look to words like bespoke and tailored to describe the process of designing a residence for a client.

Selecting a floor plan and changing the carpet options or hardware finishes is not creating a custom home.

The form and series of spaces (also called a program) are only discovered after studying the site, understanding the needs and wants of the owner, and exploring the “why” behind it all. The process of designing and building a custom home produces a truly unique and architecturally significant space for the owner. Our Work page shows just a few of the homes we've helped our clients create over the years.

At the end of the Perkins Architecture design process, an owner will be handed a set of construction documents and specifications that will never be duplicated. The reason is simple: we design custom homes that are Valuable for our clients.

We’re ready when you are. Contact us to get started!


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